Herb & Hanson (2001)

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1. Steelmill Blues
Herb & Hanson  

Appreciating Generosity

open a book of collected pastimes
I can’t read but the pictures bring me back to my youth
lie by a brook playing tunes to a new rhyme
a minor mislead but the thought was far better than truth
hinting with a touch of which way
a bell for my pocket and dreams for your streamers above
green horizons and such that we’d play
happy to mock it for once were young dreamers
in love
no room for a ghost in-between us
floating on waves like the leaves do on autumn’s exhale
we’ll make the most on our trip up to Venus
and go away before we even set sail
holding a hand that is kissed by another
spin it around so you swirl like a sea-faring sun
dropping like sand on the heart of your mother
locked in a brown to grey moonset of one
appreciating generosity
stay away from animosity
a double dose of amphetamines
never really seemed lost to me
you were the one that meant the most to me


2. Appreciating Generosity
Herb & Hanson  


3. Walkin' On
Herb & Hanson  

Candles and Banjos

candles and banjos playing three by night
let you lead me oh and teach me
melodies making right
thanks to the core producing ever more
liquid like it teach
sharing the weather light as a feather
cradled to us each
come on now sun rising at dawn
I’m gonna let you know my friends what is going on
if we just stop a sec and stop this cattle driving
we’ll start living and we’ll stop surviving
don’t stop a-rockin’ there’ll be no blockin’
communicating free
if seen as a rise read between the lies
gonna be running free


4. Candles and Banjos
Herb, Hanson, Wadsworth  


5. No Regrets
Herb & Hanson  

Bar Tab Blues

I was sitting at my station looking out into creation
through a window wondering when I’d get to play
I knew all was for not for as soon as I punched out
the night would fall and that would end the day
when I thought that all was said I heard a voice inside my head
screaming, “Lose the job and get a kite!”
my kite caught perfect wind and I never saw that job again
how the hell am I gonna pay for the good times?
I’ve got a $20 tab with a 5-bill in my hand
barkeep, could you spot me for the ride?
he said, “no” I couldn’t borrow wouldn’t know where I’d be tomorrow
I guess I’m washing dishes for the night
why’s it always when I’m down when things begin to come around
and my buddy buys a whiskey for my head?
why’s it hard to figure out unless I’m down and out
why I can’t get a free round on a friend?
I suppose I should stop messin’, just be grateful, count my blessings
when I get a quarter for a dime
and thank my buddy for the drink and resume to sit and think
on how the hell am I gonna pay for the good times
it must’ve been near Burke when I finally found some work
laying down a road that went to town
I sweated through my shirt as I plowed into that dirt
and I got a little tired as the sun beat down
so I passed the time by boozin’ and that led me to some snoozin’
big boss-man thought that was out of line
I told him to get off my neck, he said he’d never sign my check

how the hell am I gonna pay for the good times?


6. Bar Tab Blues
Herb & Hanson  

Candle Story

she steps within a circle around
the candle melting into the ground
and her fingers they play inside her long, dark hair
as her dress dances in the air
that whole night I felt as if she was dancing just for me
I just stood there wanting to believe
and the flicker of the flames were caught in her eye
and like a sparrow, she sang a lullabye
words so true though in another tongue
I knew…I understood every word sung
she sang of rivers and streams and sunsets over seas
and mountain flowers tilting in the breeze
I closed my eyes to picture the scenes
and I saw everything that could have, might have been
her song was sung in my head for so long
my eyes opened to find out that she was gone
now at times I feel a longing in my soul
like something missing…something…I don’t know
I close my eyes to see her dance and sing
and for a moment I’m a bird on the wind
the voice of an angel the grace of the sun
I knew for sure that my heart had been won


7. Candle Story
Herb & Hanson  

My Favorite Cigarette

This is a song about freight trains, yo-yos, and that sort of thing.

I was approached by thirty salesmen
Each one saying he’s my best friend
Sayin’ it’ll stick out until the end for me
I looked at them and said, “What the hell?”
His face sure looked like Gargamel
You know like the guy on the Smurfs.
Showed me these things shoved em in my face
Had a feeling I was aout of place
So I hopped right into my car
And went to Grandma’s house
‘Fore I got there a wolf approached me
Sayin’, “I have a delivery”
I know no cause it could be an explosive
Then he asked me for a tip
Now my baby’s got a wolf hair slip
So worked out for everyone ‘cept for that bad boy

Elephant trashcans. Pizza pies. Camel Joe. Jazzercise.
Denim jeans. College pride. Police man. Camel wides.

Took my girl out for some chicken necks
Then I asked ’em for the check
Told her, “You have to pay ’cause I’m for the ERA”
She turned to me and said, “You’re right
I love baby I cannot fight
I just might buy you a happy meal”
I got my baby at my side
She takes me on a wagon ride
Or as we like to call it “Romantic Wagon Wheel”
Livin’ alone mindin’ my own business
Neighbor claims that he’s a murder witness
Tellin’ the judge that I shot Mr. John
They threw me in that old gray cell
Big Bubba is a living hell
Bust out, now I’m far and gone

Salvador Dali. Wednesday ash. Armageddon. Camel cash.
George Washington. Bar room fights. Cosmic catnip. Camel lights.

That’s My Favorite Cigarette. Don’t let the trampoline hit you on the way out.


8. My Favorite Cigarette
Herb, Hanson, Wadsworth  


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