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By January 18, 2004updates

Hey everyone, Bobo the Webmonkey here. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by the site being down for the past two days. It would appear that the RIAA caught wind of our two troubadours and deemed them a menace to the consumer whore beast that is the recording industry. As such, I had to take the site down for a while and give it a face lift — not unlike criminal fugitives fleeing to Switzerland for plastic surgery.

You are looking at the result of said plastic surgery right now — a more streamlined, simpler, more attractive site than ever before. It not only gained a face-lift, but also a complete overhaul of the junk in the trunk. The end result? More frequent updates, more goodies, and more Acoustic Duo of Destruction than you know what to do with.

Think you can handle it?

Oh – and while I have your attention, be sure to stop by the photo gallery. We’ve added some pics from Herb and Hanson’s trip to Yose-mite when they were touring the west coast late last year. More pics are sure to be on the way, so check back often.

Finally, there’s an extra treat for all you fans — a full song awaits in the music area! That’s right, a rare live cut of My Favorite Cigarette from The Flying Dodo Benefit. Give it a listen — you’ll be lighting up before the song’s through.

Welp, that’s it for me. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions to the site over the next few weeks — gig journals from Herb and Hanson themselves, a message forum, and much, much more!

Peace Out. Ook.


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