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By January 28, 2004updates

The Revolution has begun! We are calling all who are willing and all who have strength to join forces with us as we make our stand against all the tyrannical issues that have been surfacing all around us. With our great numbers, we will vanquish our opposition and crush the oppression that has been a plague in our daily lives. No longer must we live with fear and doubt and (for some) overly excited bladders. We shall unite and smite our enemy with a force so great that the like has not been seen since the Voltron power of old. They will crumble beneath us and ask us for mercy…but we will show them none for they have pushed us around for far too long that all memories of mercy have been stricken from our bullied minds. Their oppression will prove their undoing for it is that oppression which will be our greatest fuel in strength to overthrow them and then all will know the true meaning of justice!…If that makes any kind of sense at all….

So come forth my brothers and sisters! Come forth and let us gather our minds and able limbs! Come forth and we shall unite and hold strong! Come forth and we will make our glorious stand at Joseph’s Bar and Grill located at 2403 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia! We will convene and amass our strength into one power and with that unified power and amassed strength, we will show our enemy that the Revolution is real and at hand! We will show them exactly what is in store for them as we….sit. Yes! Sit! And have a few beers…and maybe some jalapeno poppers. And then discuss hypothetical situations…yes, that’s always good. Plus, Herb & Hanson (the Steel String Stallions) will be playing some songs, so we can have a listen. Oh! And Roy “Boy” Richardson is scheduled to sit in with them again on bass guitar…that’s always a good time! And perhaps a few games of Ms. Pac-Man or video bowling…while sitting of course!! For therein lies the true heart of our Revolution: sitting.

The moment of our glorious first strike will be this Friday when the sun is already long asleep. The Sitting Revolution will begin promptly at 2100 hours (9pm).

For directions, please call the establishment: (703) 524-2722

Bring pretzels.


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