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By February 20, 2004updates

How about Lo! and Behold last night as a closer? So much fun. Somewhere during the jam, Herb breaks a string and proceeds to change it while Hanson and Roy continue rockin’ out like nobody’s business. Herb eventually jumps back in to finish up one of their stronger performances of that particular song. Nobody even seemed to care that Herb’s newly strung string kept going flat!!

If’n y’all are going to be anywhere near the Canaan Valley this weekend, you should definitely look up the Whitegrass Cafe where Herb & Hanson are scheduled to play for a reservations-only crowd in two different seatings. The shows are saturday the 21st of february: the first seating will be at 6pm; the second seating will be at 8pm. Ralph Heymsfeld will be sitting in on a couple of tunes with his banjo.

Check the gig calendar to your right for more information.


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