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By March 7, 2004updates

Good God!!!! What a weekend!!! The first leg of the experimental Herb and Hanson World Tour 2004 (North Eastern Shenandoah Valley Region) was rockin’!!!! Thanks to everyone at the Village Idiot and The Hungry Dog for such a great time.

The duo returns to a few of their most favorite and long standing venues this week: Tues, 3/9–Open Mic Madness at Tiffany’s….Fri, 3/12–Good ol’ Joe’s….Sat, 3/13–Brion’s Grill….

These shows promise to be outstanding…Like nothing you have ever heard before!!!!! Unless you’ve heard them before….But even then it’s pretty good!!! It’s acoustic destruction for Christ’s sake!!! You never know what you’re gonna get!!!! Ralph’ll be there for some pickin’ with the boys on Tues….Friday is a strictly Herb and Hanson show…Old school…yea….And on Saturday, everyone’s favorite bassist will be helpin’ out….

Rumour has it that Bill is back in town, and is trying to regain his formal title of Number One Herb and Hanson fan….Let’s see if anyone can give him a run for his money….See y’all this week!!!!


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