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By March 16, 2004updates

OVER UNDER DOWN YONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes kids, it’s finally here!!! We know y’all have been waiting for months and months for this project to be brought out to the public, and the time has arrived. This Saturday night at The Lakeside Inn in Reston, Over, Under, Down Yonder will be making their first full length public appearance. It’s Herb on the Mando, Hanson doin’ the flatpickin’, Ralph rollin’ the banjo, and Tyler strokin’ Mabel all night long!!!! The place ain’t too big, so get there early as it’s bound to be packed!!! These boys have been tirelessly working on an ever expanding repetoire of bluegrass and old time tunes that are sure to please. And don’t go thinking that there won’t be any acoustic destruction mixed in…The walls are comin’ down on that joint!!! You CANNOT miss this night!!! See y’all there!!!


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