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By March 22, 2004updates

Goodness gracious! There was a regular hootenanny over at The Lakeside Inn on Saturday night! Over Under Down Yonder did not disappoint in their debut performance. And DAMN did they look sharp! We should be gettin’ the pictures up here soon so that everyone who couldn’t make it can see the boys lookin’ their best. And for those who did, thanks for comin’ down and joining in on this new and exciting venture. Don’t forget to spread the word! OUDY will be back at the Lakeside on May 8th. And keep an eye on the calendar for some other dates.

And what does this week have in store for the Dishwashin’ Duo? Well, Tuesday night they’ll be hosting the open mic at Tiffany’s. They’re startin’ to get some quality regulars comin’ in, so make sure you come down and check out some great local talent. Then, they’ll be opening up for Harlen Simple at Sharpshooter’s on Saturday night. Try to make it out to Manassas for a night full of great music.

Also, the links page is now fully operational. Swing on by sometime and visit some of Herb and Hanson’s favorite places on the world wide web.

Hope to see some of y’all this week…


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