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By March 29, 2004updates

Hi everybody!!! What a night at Sharpshooter’s on Saturday! The Duo tore it up with an astounding hour set opening up for Harlen Simple. For all those who missed it, who knows when you’re gonna see Hanson break 2 strings during the same song again. That’s right, TWO! Good ol’ Lo! and Behold…

As you may have noticed by now, the music page doesn’t work. It is being revamped with a ton of new music y’all can have access to and share with your friends who have yet to hear of acoustic destruction. We’re hoping to have it up and running in a few days, so check back often.

You may have also noticed that Herb and Hanson aren’t playing anywhere this week. We must apologize for the inconvenience, but they’ll be seein’ some Dylan on Friday and Saturday night. You can most likely catch them and their friends pickin’ as they wait in line all day long to get into the shows. And don’t worry, they’ll be back in full swing next week.

Take it!


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