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By April 5, 2004updates

Oh Man! Anyone who was at the Dylan show on Saturday night in DC may have seen the Dynamic Duo of Destruction resting their arms on the stage with a few of their friends. The long wait of 23 hours was worth it! What a show! FRONT ROW CENTER BABY!!!!!!

Anyway, this week is gonna be a blast. We’ve got Tiffany’s on Tuesday, a return to Ragtime on Wednesday, and another great night at Brion’s with Roy on Saturday night! Don’t just pick one…You might as well catch ’em all!

Also, we keep adding new dates to the calendar every week, so keep checking back to find a show in your neck of the woods. We are trying our damndest to expand the area of destruction!!! Who’s tryin’ to go to Cumberland in June?!?!?! I’ll be there!!!

See y’all sometime down the road…


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