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By April 12, 2004updates

Alright! Here we go…into another week of excitment for all you Herb and Hanson fans out there. First, we’d like to throw out a big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday night to a very poorly managed bar. Sorry to anyone who showed up and walked in and thought it was closed. But there was some great music with some truly exciting moments.

This week, Herb and Hanson are trying to keep the momentum goin’ with a few performances spread all over NoVa. First, they’ll be out at Sharpshooter’s in Manassas for the Acoustic Tuesday series. During this interesting night, Herb and Hanson will be performing at least two full sets around an open stage format. So if you would like to show the Duo how it’s done, c’mon down and jump on stage. The festivities should start around 9:30 or so.

Then, on Friday, they’ll be returning to perhaps their very favorite place, the ever comfortable Joseph’s Bar and Grill, in the dead zone of Arlington. If you haven’t been there yet, you need to go to this great bar.

And on Saturday, the duo is very excited to be playing for the first time at Red Rocks in Centreville. Who could pass up an oppurtunity to see “Herb and Hanson…Live at Red Rocks!” They should probably record a live cd there.

So, thanks to those who are constantly comin’ out, and we hope to see those that aren’t soon enough.


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