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By April 20, 2004updates

Hi out there everyone. Last weekend was great! Tons of fun and lots of support. Thanks to everyone. The upcoming schedule is pretty light due to the Duo assisting in relocations and Merlefest coming up. So we hope to see everyone again in a couple of weeks when they will be performing FIVE nights in a row during the first week of May! They will be out at the open mic at Tiff’s tonight (Tues) for anyone who wants to join them.

News from the main webmonkey in charge is that the music page should be up and running any day now, so check back often. There will be a ton of new music for your listening pleasure. Live cuts, studio out-takes and whatever else we have to throw at ya. Oh yeah!

We also hope to get some more pictures up sometime soon from this past weekends gigs.

So we’ll see y’all later on down the road.


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