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By May 3, 2004updates

Howdy y’all! The Acoustic Duo of Destruction has just returned from a long weekend in North Carolina for Merlefest! And what a weekend it was. They successfully saw over 35 hours of music, spent a lot more money than they even have, and were banned from the campground they were staying at with all their friends. Oh Yeah!!! You’ll have to ask them all about it when ya see ’em.

Anyway…A very busy week up ahead. Tues-Tiffany’s, Wed-Ragtime for Cinco de Mayo, Thurs-Common Grounds (Fair warning…I don’t think they serve beer here…), Fri-Joe’s, and a very special Saturday show of Over Under Down Yonder!!! What a week. We really hope to see everyone some night!

Later on down the road…

ps…The Kruger Brothers rock!


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