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By May 10, 2004updates

Well, last week was a blast. Thanks to all of those who came out to one or more of the Duo’s five gigs last week. All of your support is really appreciated. This upcoming week is a little less hectic, with only one show this Friday night out in Leesburg at the Balls Bluff. There will be two full sets of Acoustic Destruction, and one set of raucous bluegrass music from Over Under Down Yonder. It should be a very exciting show as everyone works off the momentum from such an exciting week.

Herb and Hanson are still trying to play more and more, so if anyone out there has any ideas of places you’d like to see the Duo destroy acoustically let them know ( We are always looking for street helpers to find new places and help us promote the duo wherever they are performing.

With a little luck, there should be some new and exciting pictures up soon from the past week. You can check out some of Pete’s Pics from Merlefest under the “Livermush” heading in the forum.


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