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By June 20, 2004updates

On behalf of the Acoustic Duo of Dastardly Deeds, I would like to thank everyone who made this past week of shows as fun as they were. Highlights of the week were:

(1) playing in Pat’s new bar in Charlottesville (real cool stage set up in an intimate listening room)

(2) getting a free double-chocolate cookie at Harrigan’s in Cumberland (earned my treat!)

(3) acoustically destroying the powered-mixer at the Rhodeside Grill (turned out to be an overheating issue eventually ameliorated with a fan)

(4) showing Brion’s Grille why live music should continue on throughout the summer (thanks fer all the support, y’all!)

(5) and of course the flowing whiskey throughout it all (it may catch on yet).

Thanks again to everyone for all of their support and we hope to see you at the next show if not earlier.

Don’t forget about base-tan. No tan is ever complete without it.


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