By July 11, 2004updates

Things that were destroyed through the power of acoustics this weekend:

1- Five (5) guitar strings on Hanson’s lame-ass Martin who’s time is limited…

2- Some poor child at Two Daughter’s, who after every song told the duo that they were hurting his ears…That’s the way to hook ’em when they’re young!!!

3- The establishment of Maxwell’s almost fell down during Raliegh and Spencer….The walls began to fold under the extreme power of acousticity destructorama…and the duo had to turn the volume down.

And unfortunately that is all this weekend…

Next week could get messy though:

-Tuesday 7/13-Open Mic at Tiff’s…8:30

-Friday 7/16-Balls Bluff in Leesburg…9:30

-Saturday 7/17-Over Under Down Yonder at The Lakeside in Reston…9:00

See everyone this week….


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