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By July 19, 2004updates

Hi everyone! And when I say everyone, I mean all those folks who witnessed Over Under Down Yonder tear it up at The Lakeside Inn on Saturday night! Those boys were on fire! Man, what a show… They can’t wait until September to go back to Reston and rock out!

NEWSFLASH!!!! There are some new pictures up in the gallery. And more will follow really soon. I know it has been a REALLY long time since any new ones were added and that sucks for all those West Coasters who never get to see H&H in person and live vicariously through the few pictures that are posted on this humble web site… So keep yer eye out for those.

And this week, The Acoustic Duo of Destruction will be at Fat Tuesday’s on Thursday night opening up for Laidback. And on Saturday they will be performing at Joseph’s Bar and Grill in Arlington.

See y’all out on the road…


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