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By August 22, 2004updates

Oh goodness me, what a good time out at The Barefoot Pelican (Patriot’s of the West) on Saturday night! Herb and Hanson tore the building down with the acoustic destruction!! Special thanks to T-Peg for sittin’ in with the duo on this occasion. There’s nothin’ quite like playing acoustic destructory music amid drunks being carried out of the bar, a few almost barfights, and a drunk lady who mis-took our being on stage as karaoke night. Good times! Hopefully we’ll be back out there soon!

Well, this week is quiet, as Hanson is going to a wedding in West Virginia. But for those die-hards who just can’t go a week without their Herb and Hanson fix, they’ll be running the mic at Tiffany’s this Tuesday night. So c’mon down and bring an instrument!!!

Oh yeah, one more thing:

Homer Simpson’s in the bowling alley with Buddha.


Dooda dooda dooda



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