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By September 6, 2004updates

What up yo! What a great weekend for the Acoustic Duo of Destruction. The people in Morgantown were more than kind and the duo is very appreciative. Keep checking back on the calendar because there should be a new date for MoTown sometime soon. A special thanks goes out to everyone who had never heard of us and came out to see what we were about, and also to Cathy who opened up her home to us for three days. You rock Cathy!!!!

So this week we’ve got some Tiffany’s action on Tuesday, and down to Charlottesville on Thursday night in an opening role for Old School Freight Train. Hope to see someone there.

And finally, todays Big Lebowski quote of the day:

Walter: Donny, were you listening to The Dude’s story?

Donny: What?

Walter: Were you listening to The Dude’s story?

Donny: No, I was bowling.

Walter: So you have no point of reference, Donny. You’re like a child that wanders INTO THE MIDDLE OF A MOVIE!

Dude: What’s your point, Walter?!

Donny: Yeah, Walter, what’s your point?


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