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By September 16, 2004updates


Well, if everyone hasn’t heard yet, Boxcar Herb has recently purchased a new mandolin, and will be debuting it publicly this Saturday night at The Lakeside Inn. That’s pretty freakin’ exciting!!!! This will be the last Over Under Down Yonder performance for quite some time, as they are taking a little time off to work on some new and exciting material. So this is a MUST SEE event!!!!

And tonight(9/17) the Acoustic Duo of Destruction will be pickin’ and grinnin’ out in Herndon at Sylvanna’s. This is becoming a really fun regular gig for the Duo so come on down and join in!

Other than that, you should peruse the schedule, as there are tons more gigs lining up here, there and everywhere. Well, everywhere except for Joe’s. See everyone on the road somewhere….


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