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By September 22, 2004updates

Well, for all you fantasy bowlers out there, here are the scores from Wednesday nights match:

Herb: 109, 132, 135, 138

Hanson: 124, 169, 131, 141

Bennett: 119, 86, 122, 134

Pure Evil (Shegrew): 106, 114, 108, 137

Emilie: 108, 94, 101

As you can see, Hanson was pretty dominant most of the night…Although he was very disapointed in his scores…”Black Beauty” (Hanson’s ball) is a little outta shape…

Don’t forget that this week we’ve got the Duo at Maxwell’s in Middleburg on Friday night, and then back in Fairfax at Brion’s Grille on Saturday night. Hope to see y’all there…


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