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October is upon us. And that means there was bowling last night. Here are the scores:

Herb- 93, 104, 118, 122, 128, 117

Hanson- 123, 118, 135, 133, 179, 136

T-Peg- 140, 123, 122, 178, 129, 101

Andy- —, 124, 82, 92, 98, 116

Although not as dominating as last weeks performance, Hanson was again the top bowler of the evening.

So there are no gigs for three weeks? You’re probably thinking, “What the heck am I gonna do? I’ll never make it that long without the sweet sweet sounds of acoustic destruction ringing through my ears!” Well, Herb will still be doing Tiffany’s this month. So maybe that can hold you junkies over for a while. The next gig is on October 23rd at Brion’s Grille in Funfax. Hope to see lots of familiar faces.

Take it.


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