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HEY!!! The Acoustic Duo of Destruction is back!!!! Hanson has returned from his spiritual hiatus full of inspiration and ready to rock out!!!…acoustically, of course. Although he did not find out the answers to any of his original questions, he did learn a few things: Most people who live in Florida are not aware that they live in “America’s Wang”; Cracker Barrel is a restaraunt, but not a very good one, and is everywhere under the sun; The Virginia Creeper is not an STD, but rather a very nice bike trail in Southern Virginia, and a plant; Tropical fish DO actually exsist in the ocean and not just on TV; New Orleans is weird; Menphis is Trashy; Nashville rocks; Florida sucks; And there is no place better than Virginia….

Come on down to Brion’s on Saturday, October 23rd to talk with Hanson about his journey and to see the triumphant return of The Duo…We could even call this a reunion show…


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