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By February 14, 2006updates

Thanks to everyone who came out to be Acoustically Destroyed when the boys came through Lewisburg, Arlington, Leesburg, and Shepherdstown. Herb and Hanson had so much fun driving around and playing music. Special thanks to Shannon and Jesse in Shep-town for opening their home so the guys didn’t have to sleep in their car during the storm. The hospitality is very much appreciated and the waffles were incredible! WMDs: Waffles of Mass Deliciousness.

If you would like to sign up for our mailing list, the thing we’ve been using is now posted in the upper-right corner of this page. We send highly pertinent information about the going-ons of Herb and Hanson; so, if you don’t already know that all they pretty much do is drink all night and sleep all day, then you may want to bone up with this literature…


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