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By March 3, 2006updates

YOYOYO…We have just received word of a last second booking for Friday, March 10th. That’s only a week away! But the Duo was just settling in for their two week break, and had already started (Herb continued) drinking! But alas, Herb, Hanson and T-Peg make their triumphant return to the Lakeside Inn! It’s been a while. So keep checking that schedule over there, as we are rapidly adding dates for this Spring.

And sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already. I know we have said this before, but NO ONE has signed up for a while. I seriously doubt that all of the hundreds of people visiting this site are already on the list. Get to it please. Monkey’s #77-#84 are in charge of it and are getting bored and skinny due to the lack of bonus bananas received for high productivity. Seriously…Help a monkey out.

Word out.


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