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By May 7, 2006updates

Hey!!! Did you see Herb and Hanson at Cheat Fest? They ROCKED!!!! It was an amazing day. And the Duo would like to send out their deepest thanks to Joan and Keith for inviting them to play at such a great festival. What a day of music and fun and awareness!!!!

Hey!!! Herb and Hanson wrapped up their work in the studio late last week! The new record will be sent out for pressing after the group meeting on graphics and design!!! Can you believe it?!?! What will they call it? What great new songs are on it? You’ll find out soon enough!!!!

This week, The Duo travels a yo-yo course from Southern WV (Wed), up to Arlington, VA (Thur.), over to Morgantown, WV (Fri), and back over to Reston, VA on Saturday. Look at the schedule…go ahead!!! Can someone mail them some gas money! Who the heck is in charge of their schedule?!?!? Drunk monkeys, that’s who. See you at the shows!


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