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By June 26, 2006updates

Holy Crap!!! There are lots of important announcements to be made!

First of all, as you can probably see, the official Herb and Hanson online store is officially open for official business. And the new record is currently available for order. BUY IT!!! We hope to soon put crap like stickers and t-shirts on there too. You know…like other bands.

Secondly, this Friday nights show at The Brew Pub has been cancelled. Apparently the bar is being forced to close for a week due to change in ownership. So that gig is OUT! H&H won’t be back in MoTown until late August. Sorry to all you fans out there.

Thirdly, we are working on a bunch of other changes for the site. So come back often. Post some stuff on the forum. Send the Duo a message. And enjoy the fine photos. DO IT!!!

And remember, “If we don’t support whiskey, it might not catch on.”


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