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By March 18, 2007updates

Thanks to all those who came out last week. It was a whirlwind of a drunken debacle of a time with amazing people and great music at every turn. Special thanks to Greensky Bluegrass, B Nole, Ken, Uncle Eddie, Tina, Jennifer, Nik, Dan, Rigo, Dave D., Jared, Anthony, Ben, Lee, Roger, Janelle…and all the rest that I forgot to mention…Good times…

This week finds OUDY out in Arlington on Tuesday night. We are playing Iota, and would love to see some familiar faces at this rare club date. And Friday night H&H will be rockin’ it for the American Legion folk in Frederick, MD.

I’m working on starting a road journal on this site so you all can read about the craziness on the road. So check back soon, as we hope to have it up as soon as possible.

Word out.


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