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By April 24, 2007updates

OUDY is Rowdy indeed. Thank you to all those that came out and supported Herb & Hanson’s other musical endeavor this weekend. It was a rowdy time. And let’s hope our appearance in the banned music area of Mt. Pleasant made people realize what they were missing all these years! A big thanks to The Starlington’s also, who played both shows with OUDY. They were kinda rowdy too. Check ’em out if ya can.

H&H will be at Ragrime this Wednesday night. We always like to catch up with the hometown folks. So I hope you hometown folks come on out and heavadrank!!!

“I tried real hard not to make this song sound like some song that some other singer songwriter may have written before. And if I did that’s ’cause it’s music. And music’s based on repetition.” -J. Hartford


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