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By August 13, 2007updates

Dag it’s hot outside! To quote Bob Dylan, “Hotter than a crotch. A nearly 90 degrees.” Now that’s hot! Thanks to all those that came out and supported us this past week. Especially those who came out to DC on Sunday for the sweatiest show in a long time. Great times were had.

This week is birthday themed. We’ll be in Wheeling, WV on Friday night at Down On Main Street. It’s our friend B Nole’s birthday and he promises surprises… Honestly that makes me a little nervous, but it’ll be fun for sure. Then on Saturday night we head up to State College, PA for Otto’s. For all of you who don’t know, Herb has a sister. Her name is Hannah. And Saturday is her birthday. Come on out and help us celebrate. And buy her a shot of whiskey. She loves whiskey too.

See you all out there!



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