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By April 21, 2008updates

Well alright. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us this past week. That was a fun handful of shows. Memorable moments. Really. We’ll be back at those locations sometime in the future. Be sure to check out the calendar so you don’t miss out on the fun.

This week we’ll be traveling down to North Cack-o-lackie for Merlefest. Unfortunately we aren’t playing at Merlefest. For some reason the powers that be down there haven’t invited us to perform. But we will be checking out tons of great music and drinking tons of cheap beer and playing tons of fun tunes at the campground late at night. If anyone out there is going and wants to get together to pick some tunes just drop us a line and we’ll meet up.

Our next show will be at Dively’s in Johnstown, PA on May 3rd. We are very excited to be returning to Flood City and seeing all our friends. See ya then.



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