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I went to Vermont this week. It was one of the six states that I hadn’t been to yet. (Nebraska will be last). I like to think of myself as a pretty athletic person, but cross country skiing kicked my ass. And I’ve done it before. I remember being better. I fell so many times it was ridiculous. But the real highlight of the day was snowshoeing. At first I was like, “Why can’t I just walk through the woods? Why do I need those silly looking thingamabobs?” But after I strapped those bad boys on and trampled through the thick snow for a few minutes I was sold. It was wicked fun. And I didn’t fall down at all. The next morning we were gonna go downhill skiing, but it was icing pretty bad and conditions were crappy so we headed out. Stopped in Stamford, CT for a bit. Not sure why. Just didn’t wanna return to NYC too soon. Went to a brewery (the beer wasn’t that good) and saw a movie (also not very good) and got a parking ticket (that I have no intention of paying). Needless to say, I will most likely not be returning to Stamford, CT any time soon.

My remaining states to go to list is Nevada, Iowa, Oregon, Maine and Nebraska. I hear they have good rollerskating in Nebraska. World championships are held there. Amanda actually went there when she was younger for some sort of rollerskating tournament. I don’t think I’m s’posed to share that info though. Don’t tell her I told you.


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