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By January 23, 2009hanson says this

This entry is titled: Food That I Didn’t Know Was Food.

Last night I had a very nice meal. Amanda and I went to the farmer’s market in Union Square at around 4:30. That’s too late for anything good to be around, so we were forced to go to the grocery store across the street. We got there late because we spent a little too much time giving New York City a fresh coat of red paint the night before and woke up a…out of it. The menu was already set, we just needed the fixin’s- celery root soup, fennel salad and carrot spread on some nice bread. Now this is where the “I didn’t know this is food” part comes in.

FENNEL. What’s fennel? I’m still not sure. It smells and tastes like black licorice, UNLESS you cut it in very thin strips. Then it has this very pleasant, sweet and tangy taste. Some red onion and parsley were thrown in with a very nice lemon dressing. I’m not completely sold on fennel, but I would eat it again.

CELERY ROOT. Have you ever seen celery root? It doesn’t look very edible. But after you peel it, it looks quite like a potato. It was then chopped up and cooked down with onion. then blended into a nice fine soupyness.

CARROTS. I was already aware that carrots were food, so nothing to write about there.

In the end, it was an incredible meal that I never knew was there for the having. I find it quite exciting and interesting that someone who has lived as many years as I have are still able to go to the grocery store and find foods that I didn’t know existed.


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