2008’s For Suckers

By January 1, 2009herb's eye view

I had set my alarm this morning to wake me up in time to take care of the parking meter where my car was parked over night. Needless to say, it being new year’s day and all, sleeping in was a much, much more handsome offer than dealing with this in the early morning cold. As I was about to add coinage to the meter, a woman comes walking by me on the sidewalk. I say, “Good morning and happy new year!” She replies, “Good morning…you don’t need to feed the meters on holidays” and continues to walk down the street without missing a beat. I call back to her, “Today’s a holiday? Today’s a holiday! Thank you!” I don’t know if’n she heard me or not…

I feel pretty darn good that my new year has started with free parking. As some of you may know, I attest paying for parking and will often times walk the 12 city blocks than answer any written commands of “Please Take Ticket”.

I hope you all had a safe Eve and I wish you all free parking in 2009. Happy new year!

2008’s fer suckers!!


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