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By January 13, 2009herb's eye view

We’re heading into what we hope is the last day of the studio for the Hartford project that we’ve been working on for a little over a year now. If all goes well, we will be able to bang this out and head on home before this snow in Triadelphia accumulates too much. If everything goes our way, we should be able to have this record available come March. Although, admittedly, that would be a bit of a stretch…

These sessions here in the hills have been nothing short of a blast with Uncle Eddie Mahonen engineering the sound for us! He brings a wellspring of musical knowledge and ideas from a healthy lifetime career of bringing music to people. And to boot, his darling wife, Robin, manages to feed us ’til we burst! From quiches, to chicken cacciatore, meatball soup, chili, and taters, eggs, and bacon in the mornings….it’s a wonder how we get anything at all done. Thank you, Robin!

Well, we gotta get back to work here. This thing’s taken long enough…but, I promise that it’ll be pretty darn cool!

Love you all!


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