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“Within My Humble Situation”

By January 28, 2009herb's eye view

within my humble situation

I’ve a lack of inspiration

and for without which, it’s impossible

to peak my motivation

though I may not be inspired

in this early morn I’m wired

my antics and shenanigans

have left me all but tired

I know it’s in my face

and this “thing” I need not chase

for it plods right on along with me

here and there and everyplace

but I cannot seem to realize,


nor act accordingly to a SURprise

I sit and laugh and chastise

all along with all the bar flies

all of those who might be un-wise

where the color, shape, and size rise

far above to what for real applies

in what I somehow trivialize

with my own eyes:

blurred with tries, and lies

and rationalized buys

of things I’ve no need for

of books I won’t bleed for

of a hunger I won’t feed for

of gold I have greed for

of a war I won’t lead for

of laws I won’t heed nor

would vote for


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