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So we played our first Strathmore show the other night. I felt it went pretty well. I was nervous for the first few songs, but settled down soon enough. The vibe in the hall is just something we are so unused to. Folks just sit there and listen. There’s no conversations going on. No smokey haze rising to the ceiling of the room. No nothing. In between songs there was only silence. That was a little unnerving for a little while. Our mentor, Jon Carroll, sat in on the piano for Katrina. It was pretty sweet. We are gonna try and plan big things for the end of the month performance at the Strathmore. I’m talking banjo, drums, piano, electric guitar….Who knows what else. It’s gonna be awesome. Hopefully. I haven’t talked to any of the other players yet. We’ll see. But if you wanna experience Herb & Hanson like you never have before, you better come out on the 25th. Rock.


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