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By February 15, 2009hanson says this

What I’m Doing

Since I’m sure countless of you are out there wondering what the heck I’m up to, I’m gonna tell ya. I will try and periodically tell you what I am into at the time. In terms of books, music, movies…whatever.

As I reported earlier this month, I’ve been into Vonnegut. I read Timequake last week. It was good, but not my favorite Vonnegut. Part autobiographical and part crazy fiction. I loved the idea of timequakes though. When the universe inexplicably shrunk instead of expanding, making everyone ten years younger. But with no free will. No choices to make. Just consciously spending ten years on auto pilot. Interesting. I’m about to read Hayduke Lives. I read The Monkey Wrench Gang years and years ago and enjoyed it. I hope this “sequel” will be just as good.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Nina Simone lately. And Alice In Chains. And Flight of the Conchords. All great. Nina Simone is amazing, but sometimes I think her song choices are a little weird. Like Here Comes The Sun. Just don’t dig it. It’s like when Johnny Cash sang that stupid Eagles song one time. Not sure what he was thinking on that one. Alice In Chains simply rocks. Dirt, Jar of Flies, Unplugged….all so good.

I saw a movie called Of Time and The City recently. It’s a documentary about the film makers relationship to his hometown of Liverpool, and how the city has changed during his lifetime. I didn’t like it too much. Visually, it was nice to watch. But it lacks a strong narrative, switching between famous quotes and the film makers own words in a confusing manner. I also think if you don’t have any knowledge of the history of Liverpool you’ll get a little lost and not enjoy the movie so much. That’s what happened to me. So I don’t recommend that one. The guy who made it is supposedly a film genius. Maybe he shouldn’t make any more documentaries.

That’s it for now.


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