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By February 23, 2009hanson says this

Last Week Re-cap

We had a few shows last week that I feel compelled to tell you about. On Wednesday we played at BB Kings in Times Square. The one in Manhattan. There are other Times Squares, right? Anyway…We get there at 5pm for our 8pm 30 minute opening slot for Ralph Stanley. Do a quick soundcheck and then head backstage. There are two dressing rooms back there. One for Ralph Stanley and one for the rest of his band. So Herbs’ and mine dressing room is the hallway. Pretty sweet. We walked by the other bands food table. They had coffee, veggies, cold cuts, tea, and a bunch of other stuff. When we get to ours, we got a veggie platter. That’s it. But not for long. Nicole was our designated hospitality representative. That’s what they called her her. She brought us juice, soda, beer, chips and salsa, and pretty much anything we would ask for. Which wasn’t anything because the whole situation was weirding us out. Oh, and there was a masseuse back there too. Herb got a ten minute massage back stage. He had pulled a muscle driving up to New York earlier that day. Weird.

So we sat around for a few hours and then rocked our set. I wasn’t sure how the Ralph Stanley crowd, who I assumed to be pretty much bluegrass traditionalists, would dig our stuff. But we sold a handful of discs and even was interviewed for a prominent New York City publication. All in all, a very successful night. Oh, and since they didn’t pay us very much and felt bad, they gave Herb and I each a bottle of Whiskey on the way out the door. You’re awesome Anthony! Awesome. Unfortunately we didn’t have a bag big enough to take the extra beer with us though. And they even gave us a dvd of our performance there. It needs a little manipulating, but I should hopefully have some of the prime cuts up here on the website sometime.

And then we played at a much smaller venue the next night in the lower east side. It was maybe 1/1000th of the size of BB’s. Very cool room and very cool crowd. We had a blast there and hope to go back sometime. Played from 1130-1230 and then took the long subway ride home. Slept for about 3 and a half hours before we had to pile in the car to make our noon showtime Friday afternoon. It was rough. We were haggard. But I think it went pretty well.

Thank you so much for all those folks who came out and supported us in our effort to break into the nyc scene. It’s rough up there and we need all the help we can get. We’ll see ya soon.


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