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By February 27, 2009hanson says this

Do you smell that?

It’s the distinct smell of fresh cut grass. It’s the slight aroma of dirt. It’s hot dogs and peanuts and beer. That smell is baseball season. And it’s almost here. It’s so freakin’ exciting I can’t even stand it. The weather is warming up and players have reported to Spring Training (the Cubs are 2-0 by the way. I’m pretty sure it’s their year.). And I was just outside here in Virginia, and it’s like 55 degrees and sunny. That’s Spring! I know we are still three weeks from the actual equinox, but gimmeabreak. Throw open the windows! Dig out last years half empty bag of charcoal! Go find your sandals from the back of the closet. And go play catch with a good friend. Baseball and full fledged spring are right around the corner.


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