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Final Letter

To my dear Savannah these words I now write

As the sun slowly falls; turning twilight to night

You know why I write this final letter to you

And I know I’m a coward for what I’m ‘bout to do

I thought I could fight it and drive it away

I thought I was stronger but now I must pay

When you asked me last month I said I’d be fine

Sometimes these things happen just not all the time

I’ll just keep on drivin’ from here to Route 12

Just have to get used to my personal hell

All I see are the whites of that strangers eyes

All I hear is the silence as he quickly dies

And what scares me the most, you seem to hurt more

‘Cause I’s close to breaking; closer than before

You’ve always been stronger; you proved that last year

But this time is different; that’s what brings the fear

It hits me and burns me and shows on my face

Seems I’ve no other choice but escape from this place

So I sit at this table the moon as my light

I’ve trudged through the battle; I’ve raised a good fight

But the actions I’ve witnessed, this thing I have seen

Has ruled my awakeness, has conquered my dreams

So I reach for this barrel and the trigger below

I love you my darling. May god save my soul.


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