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Why Am I Lonesome?

By March 26, 2009herb's eye view

Why am I lonesome on my own-some after being deceived by your words of our “true love”? Then why did you leave me for another lover with a plan preconceived by your faith in your fate and your heart?

Can we still end up as friends in the blink of an eye when you meant to compromise truth by spinning your lies ’bout who loved you knowing that I do? Who am I to chastise an other’s opinion when in this position and all I hear are your cries ’bout how you still love me yet still need to leave me? How are you so surprised ’bout how I can’t deny we’re apart?

Will I be able to be stable without you by my side? Can’t you see? Clearly I loved you dearly; and the Lord knows I tried to rise up above for the sake of our love when it was you that had lied. Will I do better without you as a fetter chained to my heart that died on the banks of the river through the mud that delivered this song I just sighed? Don’t you dare speak to me ’bout “fresh starts”!


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