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By April 2, 2009hanson says this

Adventures in the north

So a lot of you guys are probably wondering what the heck I’ve been up. I know my mom was. Just hangin’ out mostly. Trying to find our way into new venues and new towns. Got a few things booked and a bunch more in the works. This summer should be fun. Also been trying to finish some new songs. Some of them are working out. Others may be a lost cause for the time being. Can’t hammer down the right vibe for the melody. It’s hard when you write the words to something based on emotion and then try to put the tune to it when you no longer feel that emotion. I gotta somehow put myself back into that frame of mind. But I’m just too darn happy now.

Last week we went skiing up in Vermont. I’m not much of a skier. Only been once before. Tried to stick to the easy trails, but there were a few mistakes made. I was following Amanda and we turned and she zoomed on down the hill, not realizing that we had turned onto an intermediate slope. Well, I tried and failed. Fell down and slid on my back for what felt like a good 50 yards or so. Couldn’t slow down. Kinda scary. Finally got stopped and took a breather. Other than that I rocked the slopes.

The other day we went to Delaware Water Gap. It’s not in Delaware. It’s in Pennsylvania. The names tricky, I know. Went on a nice long hike to some beautiful waterfalls and had a sweet picnic after wading across the frigid water. Wasn’t too cold until you were about half way across. At which point there is no turning back. The water was so cold that it was hurting my bones inside my feet and legs. But totally worth it. Of course, then we had to cross back eventually. Kinda daunting knowing what we knew from crossing before. But we rocked it.

And today is just a beautiful day in the city. Warm and sunny. Wish I had a bike to cruise around on. Think I’ll subway it up to Union Square and walk around. Maybe bring the ol’ guitar up there with me. Maybe not. Just gonna rock it today.


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