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By April 5, 2009herb's eye view

It’s Barbecue season!

Of course, some would argue that BBQ season never really ended; and I’ve definitely enjoyed and partaken in my share of snowy/9 degrees grilling during this past winter (Thank you Jared!). But, there’s something about being able to sit around outside enjoying a meal with some good company that’s a little bit different than huddling around the charcoal grill for warmth as you wait for your food to cook. Just a little different…

But, last night’s spread of burgers, kabobs, potato salad, south-west salad, grapes, beer and wine eaten and imbibed while the sun slowly went down and the breeze periodically blew the savory smell of the hot grill to some luck by-stander was something that was definitely missed by me.

Here’s to a full season of grilling with good friends and good food. Cheers!


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