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By May 16, 2009hanson says this

My New Tent

So I bought a new tent today. The last time I purchased an outside house was way back in 2000 in my preparations for hiking the Appalachian Trail. I guesstimate I slept in that tent somewhere between 350-450 times over the last 8+ years. And it is now falling apart. The pole elastic is loose. It’s got a few holes in the top from stray campfire ash. The material is loose. The stakes are almost all bent. Needless to say, it was time for a new one. So I headed to my local outfitter store to check out the tents.

Like I said, it’s been over 8 years since I bought a tent. Who knew that tent technology could advance so much!?! My new tent is lighter stronger and faster than any tent I’ve ever owned. And almost the whole upper half is mesh so it will feel like I’m not in a tent at all as I gaze up at the stars. It’s gonna get broken in this week, as Herb and I, along with our two other good friends Nort and Ricca, head out to West Virginia for a 4 day canoe/camping trip on the North Fork of the Potomac River. Then it’ll get used again at Delfest next weekend. Then it will get used again when Amanda and I head west this August to see what we can see. Then it will get used again when I am finally forced to live in the streets because I have no money. A tent is a good investment for me.


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