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Michael Jackson- 1958-2009

By June 25, 2009updates

Michael Jackson died today at the age of 50. There is no denying the importance and hugeness of MJ in the world of music. There are only a few names you can say that are above everyone and everything in the music business, and Michael Jackson is one of them. He has the greatest selling record of ALL TIME in Thriller. He sold more than 750 MILLION records in his lifetime. He invented dance moves that are still revered today. He wrote Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Bad, The Girl Is Mine, Beat It and Man In The Mirror. He co-wrote We Are The World. And of course, he was bat sh*t crazy. He was without a doubt one of the best and most talented entertainers of the entire 20th century. His music, and not his eccentricities, will most likely be listened to forever.


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