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By June 18, 2009hanson says this

Who Woulda Thunkit

So get this. The other week Amanda and I were in a bike shop on the lower east side of Manhattan picking up a thank you gift to send to a couple of friends in Carolina who let us crash at their house a few days while we were in town. As I was waiting in line to make my purchase, the fellow in front of me was getting rung up. His total was some amount of dollars and fifty cents. He took out his cash and learned he had the exact amount of dollars, but no fifty cents. So he reaches back into his pocket and begrudgingly takes out his credit card and asks if they have a minimum to charge something. I get the vibe he’s not into financing things so I dig down deep in my own pocket and provide him with fifty cents of my own to make his transaction easier. He was reluctant at first but then very appreciative and we went our separate ways.

Then get this. Yesterday, over a good solid week after this encounter, Amanda was at her place of business doing her thing and the same guy from the bike store comes in and says to her, “You were at the bike store on Rivington the other day right?” Amanda, not putting everything together (for she wasn’t there for the earlier money exchange) denies this fact, not really remembering because of the amount of time passed. He replies, “No. I remember. You were there with some guy and he gave me fifty cents. I recognized you as I was walking by and wanted to ask you to give this to him for me.” And he hands her a dollar. How do you like that?!? I was kinda blown away.


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