By June 6, 2009herb's eye view

Just slept in the band mobile for the first time last night since acquiring the new wheels. This aspect of the transportation part of this venture is more important than it may seem. It’s definitely important the vehicle is in in good running order and that it is capable of storing all of our gear as well as Hanson’s fat butt. But, equally as important (if not more important) is the sleepability of the steed.

We had spent many nights on the road taking our slumber in the Sweet Saturn. And when I first came upon the new horse (a subaru outback impreza) one of my main concerns was whether or not we would be able to sleep somewhat comfortably within it. And although this car is slightly smaller than the one previous, the sleeping space is surprisingly larger. I’m not sure how this is possible just yet as it is still a brand new venture fer me, but rest assured, I will keep you all posted once I do. Because, you know, it’s just so damn important…


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