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By June 21, 2009herb's eye view

I’m house-sitting in Great Falls, VA fer a coupla pals fer the week and hanging out with a super cool dog. The house is a 10-minute walk to the Potomac and the fridge is full of Two-Hearted Ale.

It’s a little strange to be living in someone else’s home. And what’s most off-putting is that they aren’t around. I’ve stayed at many different and scattered residences thanks to the kindness of some really great friends and generous folk, but hardly ever when the keepers of the inn are nowhere to be found.

It is true that there hasn’t been any one place I’ve dwelled that has felt more like home than the actual house I grew up in and lived in for 15 years. But, with all of the different scenarios I’ve been placed in, I am usually able to reside comfortably enough without any kind of overwhelming awkwardness. In other words: It may not feel like home, but it definitely doesn’t feel like I don’t belong.

Usually this feeling of “belonging” in a home is because of the company that has taken me in or the company that has decided to join me in residence. This being said, as I am currently house-sitting, I must say that I feel a tiny bit out of place. Not overwhelmingly awkward though. Leastways, not overwhelming enough that I won’t crack open another Two-Hearted and find a movie to watch on the Fios cable. (Note to reader: I don’t live with a television that gets channels/stations — this is kind of exciting and may actually be the single factor that will finally overwhelm me)

Coincidentally (and I’m only bringing this up because I think it’s kinda neat), Hanson’s actually house-sitting himself up in NY city fer the weekend. Maybe he thinks that the house-sitting game is kinda weird too.

Now where’s that popcorn?


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