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This Must Be What Stars Were Made For

By July 4, 2009herb's eye view

Silvy sets down her cigarette

when she pulls out her hair

and takes two steps to the fireplace

where she falls to the bare floor

she fell in love on a wednesday night

by a lake on the moon

the bats alight and the stones arise

when they sing a tune by the shore

this must be what stars were made for

this must be what stars were made for

to reveal and make known

that their heart is your own

to know all about of

what it means to be loved

to look up at the sky

with your love by your side

and your hand being held

by the one whom you fell in love with

this must be what stars were made for

Silvy wakes in a pool of tears

and her hair on the ground

she slowly stands up and turns her head

to the sound at the door

they fell asleep in eachother’s arms

and let the dew coat their skin

she didn’t care when in his embrace

she did not know what was in store


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