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More Fun This Week

By September 1, 2009updates

So the the first few shows after the break reminded us how much fun this is. The Kennedy Center rocked. We were amazed at the support you all showed us at this show. Really didn’t know what to expect. Thank you. And Johnstown…oh Johnstown…we can never repay you for the great times we’ve had there.

This week we’ll be returning to the old haunt of Ragtime in Arlington, VA on Wednesday night. Then Friday finds us at a new venue in Shepherdstown, WV, The Blue Moon. Should be fun. And Saturday, we travel further into West Virginia to play the String Fling. All those sound pretty great, don’t they?

And again, if you wanna watch our Kennedy Center performance, here is a LINK to the Kennedy Center archived show. You’ll most likely have to download Realplayer. Which is a bummer. But it’s fun to watch.


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